CAITLIN - Light, Ladd and Emberton

Best Dance Production - Wales Theatre Awards 2015

Caitlin was the wife of poet Dylan Thomas. At the start of the 70s, 20 years after he died, she started going to Alcoholics Anonymous. In a circle of 40 chairs, set out for an AA meeting Caitlin makes a determined effort to deal with her tempestuous past. The audience of 20 sits with Caitlin in the circle as she revisits her life with Dylan.

The unoccupied chairs become part of the action in this physical and powerful duet.

CAITLIN was commissioned by the National Library of Wales as part of this year's centenary celebration of Dylan Thomas’ birth.

Directed by Deborah Light
Devised with and performed by Eddie Ladd and Gwyn Emberton
Sound by Siôn Orgon
Costumes by Neil Davies
Images by Warren Orchard

CAITLIN - Light, Ladd and Emberton

Cynhyrchiad Dawns Gorau - Gwobrau Theatr Cymru 2015

Gwraig y bardd Dylan Thomas oedd Caitlin Thomas. Dechreuodd fynychu cyfarfodydd Alcoholigion Anhysbys ddechrau’r saithdegau, ugain mlynedd wedi i’w gŵr farw. LLwyfennir y ddeuawd ddawns gignoeth hon y tu mewn i gylch o 40 gadeiriau, wedi eu gosod ar gyfer cyfarfod AA dychmygol. Eistedda’r gynulleidfa o ugain gyda’r perfformwyr yn y cylch. Mae gan y seddi gweigion eu rhan hefyd…

Comisiwn gan Lyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru oddi wrth Eddie Ladd yw CAITLIN. Mae’n rhan o’r gweithgareddau i ddathlu canmlwyddiant geni Dylan Thomas.

Cyfarwyddwyd gan Deborah Light
Dyfeisiwyd ar y cyd gyda’r perfformwyr Eddie Ladd a Gwyn Emberton
Sain gan Siôn Orgon
Gwisgoedd gan Neil Davies
Lluniau gan Warren Orchard


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Audience comments

'Thank you for Caitlin...brilliant in every way!'

'Roller-coaster of humour & pathos, sexuality & innocence, violence & interdependency'

'Tender and brutal. I am still reeling. And have gone home to have a drink. Bloody hell, Caitlin was incredible. Must-see...'