New production coming - Autumn 2017

RAFT is the title for Gwyn Emberton Dance’s next mid-scale production, planned to tour from September to November 2017 and from February 2018 onwards.

 People leave their homelands, from war torn countries and famine, in search of a better life, or just a life.

 They become refugees, migrants, asylum seekers.

 Images of people packed in dinghies too small for them, the faceless and nameless thousands, in camps, at borders, in the cold, in the hot, with little shelter, with their children, without their parents. What drives them on? Why do they keep going? Why not turn back? Why not go home?

They arrive, they test borders. 

We question: why have they come here, do we even want them here, which one them is ok to be here and who is not. 

We ask, how does this affect me? 

But shouldn’t we be asking: what if it was me?


In RAFT Gwyn Emberton and company explore the notion of our own ‘otherness’, in an attempt to understand, what if, it was you or me and not them, who was the refugee.

The production will feature a powerful new score by composer Vincezo Alamanga of Beautiful Noise (Akram Khan), and extraordinarily detailed and beautiful lighting suggestive of landscapes and time by Aideen Malone (Bristol Old Vic/National Theatre). It will also include an 8m x 4m wall.

RAFT is a co-production with Aberystwyth Arts Centre, in partnership with University of South Wales (Dance).

(R&D was supported by Arts Council of Wales, University South Wales, Chapter Arts, Ballet Cymru, Dance Blast and Theatr Brycheiniog.





RAFT teaser from research and development in December 2016. Supported by Arts Council of Wales and University of South Wales. Image by Warren Orchard / Video by Simon Clode.