Reviews of Shadow of a Quiet Society - spring tour 2016 (14/06/2016)

All manner of young artists have escaped the stultifying confines of their hometowns, only to find an appreciation and sweet nostalgia blossoming once they return from having made their way in the world. Plays, watercolours or novels are the usual outlets but history expressed through dance is a far rarer beast.

Shadow Of A Quiet Society is choreographer and dancer Gwyn Emberton quirky love letter to the Welsh town of his birth that the press release suggests is Montgomery, Powys. Choosing to cast six female dancers, each from a different nation, gave Emberton a rich palette of skills, physiques and experiences to draw on

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Whether many audience members at this performance of Gwyn Emberton’s latest ambitious dance work were familiar with Jungian psychoanalysis is, of course, unknown.

But them it should not have been necessary to read the programme notes or delve into this theory of collective unconsciousness because, by definition, if it is valid, we should have recognised, on some level of other, what was occurring before our eyes on the stage,

Much of the work was visually exquisite, movement that taps into Emberton’s experiences now as dancer and choreographer (unconscious or otherwise) and singles him out as a choreographer who is able to excite and stimulate but also entertain with flowing, aesthetically pleasing, accessible dance.

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Gwyn receives Best Male Dancer/Choreographer for Triptych III at Wales Theatre Awards 2016 (Jan 2016)

Gwyn Emberton Dance selected for British Dance Edition

We are delighted that our solo 'Of the Earth, from where I came' has been selected for British Dance Edition the largest showcase of dance in the UK. It will be the first time our work has been part of  BDE with the solo being performed as part of a triple bill during the four day event to be held in Cardiff and Newport in March 2016. 

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Posted  (November 2015)

Review of Triptych – WMC, Cardiff (July 2015)


When the action moves back to WMC we wait for a while an d then go back into that same temporary space created in the foyer where we watched the videos. Now the screens have been removed to host the Gwyn Emberton choreography, performed by Emberton and his equally passionate, lithe and powerful dancer Albert Garcia. The two men work together and intertwine, support and manipulate one another as they move through increasingly traumatised movement culminating in silent screams and uncontrollable shaking. This is a very different dance vocabulary than we have seen in other Emberton work in recent months and his partnership with Garcia is mesmerising and mercurial.

http://www.thepublicreviews.com/?p=75430 - 4 Stars

The evening finishes with Triptych III, a half-hour dance performance expressing the pain and struggle soldiers go through while at war. Gwyn Emberton and Albert Garcia hold the space beautifully, their movements graceful but never entirely in sync (symbolic of war itself, arguably). The piece ends with the two men slowly exiting the stage, glancing at the audience on their way out. Out of sight, out of mind.

Review of Of the Earth, from where I came (Wales Dance Platform)


Finally, Gwyn Emberton brought the entire Platform weekend to a close with his Of the Earth, from Where I Came. The choreographic experience Gwyn brings to the table is palpable, as this is an accomplished, nuanced and utterly beguiling piece in which the solo performer becomes an animalistic creature, sprouting from the earth, then wheeling and cavorting through the freedom of life upon the earth, and finally returning to the earth from whence it came as death takes hold. Dancer Albert Garcia is phenomenal here, lithe and agile, embodying nature and contorting in ways I didn't think were possible (but then, I sit at a laptop and moan for a living; Albert simply flies!). It was a fantastic way to being the Platform to a close, giving the young and inexperienced dancers something to both marvel at and aspire to.

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5* review from the Western Mail/Walesonline - Friday 1st May

Arts Scene in Wales - Thursday 30th April

Associate Artist for Chapter's Creative Producer Programme, Coreo Cymru

Gwyn has been invited to be the Associate Artist of Chapter's Creative Producer Programme, Coreo Cymru for 2015. 

My People and Caitlin go to Edinburgh Festival

Both My People and Caitlin are to be performed at Edinburgh Festival 2015. 

My People will have six performances at the new Zoo space, The Sanctuary from the 24th to the 29th August at 1pm each day. 

Caitlin will be at Dance Base from the the 21st to the 30th at 8pm every day except Monday. 

Both productions have been supported by Coreo Cymru and the Welsh Dance Strand and the Arts Council of Wales' Wales in Edinburgh. 

My People Spring tour review by Jann Parry

Emberton’s choreography is graphic and gripping, telling of turbulent emotions in an inward-looking society. Like Cathy Marston, he is exceptional in being able to undertake complex stories in contemporary dance. Knowing Caradoc Evans’s writing in advance would be an advantage in pinpointing who was who in the hierarchy of this claustrophobic community – the problem that occurs in danced versions of The Crucible. Nonetheless, Emberton’s narrative impulse is compelling, as is his dancers’ commitment to their roles. My People is a mature work, developed in close collaboration with the composers, that deserves to be widely seen.

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My People spring tour

My People will be going out on tour this spring to celebrate the work of the author who inspired the work. The tour will coincide with an S4C programme about Caradoc Evans to be aired on 12th April and shown on BBC iPlayer. Gwyn will also be visiting BBC Radio Wales to talk about Caradoc Evans and the tour on Sunday 5th April at midday. 

December 2014

It has been such a busy and varied year starting with the creation and performances of 'My People', followed by the Dance Shorts duet and tour, Edinburgh festival performances with Karol Cysewski, creating a new solo 'Of the Earth from where I came' that I performed as part of iCoDaCo an international collaborative project spanning three countries, and the making and performing of 'Caitlin' with Eddie Ladd by Deborah Light, with the last performances of the year fittingly ending in my home town Montgomery.

Duet 'The Devil in Eden' from My People won the Ann Sholem and Roy Campbell Moore award at Wales Dance Platform 2014.
Plans for next year are proving to be equally if not more exciting. We will be bringing 'My People' to London, Newport, Swansea and Abergavenny in April (with possibly a few more dates to come).

Gwyn will be working again with the creative team from 'My People' on a new creation throughout the year. Performances will  hopefully start from November.

Caitlin is set to return in the summer, watch out for date.

There is a new commission with details to come.